Meet the President: James R. Moore Jr.


Current member of 5 Limited Liability Companies and President of Moore Home Builders, Inc.

In 1980, James graduated from Central Michigan University with a B.S. in Business Administration as an Accounting Major. James has worked for Houston Natural Gas as a Joint Venture Accountant responsible for partnership billings, royalty payments, preparing SEC and FTC reports, general entries, etc. He has participated in building hundreds of new single family residential homes in Moore Home Sales Inc., and Moore Home Builders, Inc. and has learned all major systems and operations of the building business. James has been and continues to be a Licensed Michigan Builder and Real Estate Broker. He has found success in this career and enjoys working with his partners and the 4 full time managers to provide exceptional housing and value for home purchasers, tenants and investors over the last 30 years. To date, they have built about 400 new single family residences, renovated over 500 apartment units and are responsible for the housing of over 1000 people.


Why Us?

“Our goal is for our company to be a great custodian of all properties we are placed in charge of and to rehab, build, maintain and save our buildings for our families and future generations” ~James Moore


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